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Sep 15, 2020 | 0 comments

Fire protection service (also termed as Fire Safety System) has a vital role in providing safeguard from different sort of fire based accidents in multiple areas of business. This include both the manufacturing as well as services sectors. Some key areas of high risk facilities include Oil and Gas, and Mining sectors. On the other hand, with the advent of construction industry, Structures with complex Architecture and advanced technology also require capable FIRE


Globally, the essentiality of Fire Safety systems industry has been gaining limelight from quite some time now. The Middle East Fire Safety market is expanding on similar grounds. This is due to the increasing demand of fire protection setups in business industry to meet the needs of UAE’s new Fire Safety and Life Protection code. Therefore, application of a fool proof system to prevent fire related issues is becoming the need of modern times. It must be noted here that according to DUBAI’s new policy of fire protection, incompliance to safety requirements will result in penalties ranging from Dh500 to Dh50,000.
In last decade, The Middle Eastern region, in its drive for continuous growth, have not only raised its standard of living but also have successfully multiplied its revenue to many folds. From oil explorations to infrastructure marvels, cities such as Dubai, Riyadh, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi have turned out to be super markets of growing economy. One of the key causal factors for attraction towards business in this region is the availability of efficient and enhanced Fire protection and safety services.
The two broad segments of Fire Safety system are the Active and Passive fire safety systems. Smoke and heat extraction systems, Fire Sprinklers, and Fire Extinguishers are part of Active Fire system whereas protection against collapse of building structure and prevention of fire spread to other areas comes in the domain of Passive fire safety systems, these include Fire resistant floor and doors, load bearing columns and beams, and fire resistant walls. In addition to active fire system, passive fire system also holds pivotal value for the safety and security of value-able businesses and assets.
Apart from all these advancements and value added services for the protection of corporate setups and high value assets, it is the LIFE of a human being, the value of which cannot be measured in any currency or compared with any other material thing. The Human life is priceless. One single spark of fire or small negligence can result in an unthinkable disaster. The Fire and protection policy of Dubai has catered this fact in totality. It has turned out to be an essential need for the corporate setups and in particular construction industry to comply with this policy in true letter and spirit. This will not only ensure safety of human life but will also uplift their corporate social responsibility and prevent heavy business losses as well as monetary penalties.


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