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Safety And Rescue

We have specialized team of trained professionals which are complete capable of providing expeditious safety and rescue services as per the international standards. Our workforce consists of personnel duly qualified and registered with relevant regulatory authorities.
Fire Safety Company In Sharjah, Fire Safety Company In Dubai
Our team of high trained professionals helps in rescue services from fire and ensures safety of people.  We have specialized team who are certified and have hands-on experience is providing rescue and safety service. Ray Force have registered personnel’s and perform the fire rescue service as per international standards.

Team of Certified and Highly Experience Professionals

We provide comprehensive services and is one of the leading fire safety company in Dubai. All our services are certified by Civil Defense and helps with the installation and use of all types of advance fire safety equipment. Our expertise helps in use of different types of fire safety tools.

Our advanced and high trained fire fighting system is strategically planned as per international standards. It aims at protecting human life followed by infrastructure and helps in rescuing trapped individuals. We use different types of fire fighting systems depending on the requirement and size of the fire.

Installation of Equipment for Better Fire Safety

As one of the leading fire safety company in Sharjah, our team ensure that a building or property is secured with all essential fire safety equipment. It is important to secure and safeguard a property with advanced and high end fire safety system.

Fire extinguishers are the basic fire safety device, and it helps with the first step of rescue. The fire safety company trains and guides the people for the use of the fire extinguishers to reduce fire related damage. The fire hose reels carry water at high pressure and play an important role in extinguishing water. The hose reel is attached to a fire hydrant for operation.

Use of Advanced Fire Safety Installations

In case of a fire, our team of fire fighters help in putting off the fire with use of installed fire equipment and system. The fire hydrant systems installed in the buildings helps quick rescue and safety from the fire. Our team of firefighters use the fire hydrant for putting off the fire.

The hydrant system helps in increasing the speed of the firefight with the use of advance water reticulation system. Our trained fire rescue team use the hydrant system to keep off the fire. The use of the hydrant system requires professional training as water is released at high pressure.

Ray Force is a certified fire rescue and safety company. We are committed towards protecting people and property from fire by installation of hydrants, automatic sprinkler, extinguishers etc. and use of the equipment when required.