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Fire Equipment Installation

We offer a whole range of Fire Fighting and protection equipment to be installed at your home, business facility and offices etc.

Our professional team will install it According to Dubai Civil Defense requirement and client’s recommendation as per site condition areas considered necessary by you.

Fire protection and safety equipment is important for all types of properties. Our team of experienced and certified technicians help with installation of all types of fire safety and protection installation. Once the installation is done, our team shows a demo on how the equipment are to be used.

As one of the reputed fire equipment installation companies Dubai, we help with comprehensive range of installation. Our team is trained and certified under the Civil Defense and technicians inspect and analyze the space before the installation. We make sure the equipment are installed in the right places.

Integrated Fire Safety and Protection through Certified Installation

Ray Force is one of the best fire installation and contract companies and deliver integrated service with best in-class fire protection. Our technicians are certified and hence installs the fire safety equipment as per strict guidelines. As a team, we deal with a whole range of equipment and customize the installation.

Before starting the installation process, we analyze and inspect the complete layout. Once it is done, the installation is done at appropriate locate for better access during fire outbreak. Our service is not only limited to installation, but we assist with maintenance, service upgrade and necessary repairs.

Installation of Numbers of Equipment to Protect against Fire

There are many equipment which provides complete protection against fire. Our team at Ray Force helps with installation of fire extinguishers at regular points for easy access. The automatic fire sprinkler, fire hoses, reels and hydrants, gas suppression system, lighting system at exit or emergency helps in preventing hazards by fire.

We cater to all types of properties and customize the installation or equipment design as per the requirement of the client. Our advanced equipment can help put off a devastating fire and protect life and property.

Our facility and team take the fire protection standard seriously. As one of the dedicated fire equipment installation companies Dubai, all our installation and services are insured. The installation is done as per the Industrial Standards and requirement of the Dubai Civil Defense rules and regulation. All our technicians are certified and highly skilled.

Affordable Maintenance and Service after Installation

Our team provides lifelong maintenance and servicing after the installation is complete. It is always advisable to protect life and property with advanced fire safety equipment installation. We provide time to time maintenance to ensure the equipment is fully functional in time of need.

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