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Need for a Fire Maintenance Contract for Effective Function


We have a Civil defense approved and certified team which is experienced and capable of providing legal maintenance contracts. As per Dubai Civil Defense rules and regulations of Dubai Fire and Safety Authority. You can count on us to meet the requisite legal needs. We can also provide on-site workforce (as per requirement) to ensure safety standards.  We are a leading fire maintenance contracting company in Dubai. Our maintenance contract covers:


➔ Fire Alarm System including Fire alarm control panel


➔ Alarm initiating devices


➔ Emergency notifying appliances


➔ Firefighting systems including fire fighting pump set,


➔ Fire hose reels


➔ Hydrants, etc


➔ Portable fire extinguishers


➔ Other auxiliary devices

Fire safety and regulation is a standard requirement for infrastructure, property, and lives. We provide legal fire maintenance contracts as per the safety rules and regulations of UAE. Ray Force specialize in providing excellent and professional fire Maintenance services. Our services are provided by Dubai Civil Defense certified team. Over the years, Ray Force has cemented its position as a prominent fire maintenance contracting company in Dubai. Try our services and we will not disappoint you.

The annual fire maintenance service UAE provides complete support installation, repair, as well as maintenance of fire safety projects. All our service is certified by Dubai Civil Defense Certified Contracts. We provide complete safety and fire maintenance to all types of properties including luxury hotels, apartments, warehouses, residential buildings, hospitals, shopping complexes etc. Being a leading fire maintenance contracting company in UAE, we serve different types of industries.

Comprehensive Fire Safety Maintenance Contract:

We provide the contract and ensure maximum safety and security through the maintenance contract. All the fire safety equipment installation, servicing, and maintenance is taken care of from time to time. This helps in preparing for fire outbreaks. We provide an affordable annual maintenance contract.

  • The AMC or annual Maintenance contract assures availability of the service 24×7. In case of a fire outbreak, our services are always available.
  • The existing fire control system is inspected and monitored properly. This helps in monitoring all types of elements involved in fire control and safety.
  • Our annual maintenance contract helps clients with the installation process and provides all the necessary certifications for maintaining fire fighting systems.

We provide a fire maintenance contract Dubai which includes the fire alarm control panel, fire fighting pump set, alarm initiating system, hydrants, fire hose reels, fire extinguishers etc. The contract uses even all types of accessory and auxiliary devices which helps in fighting the fire. This is why we are considered the leading fire maintenance contracting company in Sharjah. Our team keeps an eye on perfection.

Optimal Checks and Periodic Servicing of the System

Ray Force is a team of experienced and trained civil defense approved and certified individuals and ensures all the fire safety equipment and installation function optimally. The contract ensures regular check and maintenance as well as making all the necessary updates when required.

Our maintenance inspects everything right from fire reel to hose to hydrant thoroughly to ensure it functions effortlessly when required. Our services include installation of the standard fire safety kit in various types of properties and infrastructure.

We provide maintenance to ensure a fully functional system. We carry out inspection as well as testing as per the standards. The right kind of maintenance service is necessary

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