Restaurants and hotels are often flocked with people. These places are very risky due to their vulnerability to fire accidents. Almost all hotels and restaurants have separate kitchens. So, due to high temperature, the possibility of gas leakage and the presence of flammable items, the risk of fire accidents is always present. Luckily, you can prevent major disasters by approaching competent fire fighting contractors in Dubai like Ray Force Safety Services. Consult with experts and learn about ways of preventing fire accidents. Steps such as emergency planning and installation of fire safety equipment should be done in advance to avoid casualties.

Incidents of gas leakage and fire accidents claim many innocent lives. Moreover, expensive property is also damaged or destroyed in the incident. The authorities and government are taking serious steps to diminish cases of fire accidents. Almost all workplaces and businesses that include the hotel industry install the latest fire suppression systems. Consult experts of the best fire fighting companies in Dubai and protect your premises from disasters. Install fire suppression and detection systems such as:

● Fire alarm
● Fire extinguishers
● Fire sprinkler
● Smoke detector

With the help of professional experts, periodically inspect the condition of fire suppression systems. Take precautionary steps and remove obstructions from the passage of hotels. Doors, staircases of the hotels and restaurants should be devoid of any hurdles so that in case of any emergency everyone can evacuate the premises.

Proper training of the staff

The staff of hotels and restaurants should be thoroughly trained. They must know how to follow the protocol meant for emergency response. On a periodic interval, fire safety exercises and mock drills must be organized. In case of any emergency, the staff must help the guests to evacuate the premises. The staff must be trained about how to handle fire suppression systems such as extinguishers

Installing extinguishers in the venue

Portable fire extinguishers are a reliable tool to control the flames. Fire extinguishers must be installed in the hotel venue, gallery. You can also request for kitchen-specific fire extinguishers. Consult the experts of fire fighting companies in UAE to learn more about different types of fire extinguishers. On a periodic interval, the condition of fire extinguishers should be checked and tested. Obsolete, expired and non-functional extinguishers should be immediately replaced. Restaurants and hotels have dedicated kitchens to prepare fresh meals for the guests. It is generally seen that most fires start in the kitchen of a hotel or restaurant. Hence, the senior management must consult fire fighting contractors to strengthen the level of safety.

Installing and proper servicing of the fire sprinkler system

Within a matter of a few minutes, a minor flame can convert into a raging inferno. Install fire sprinklers to suppress the flames and minimize the level of loss. Consult experts to determine whether or not fire sprinklers are correctly installed and test them frequently.