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Get Comprehensive Fire Safety with help of Fire Fighting Contractors In Dubai, Sharjah

We are one of the reliable and dedicated firefighting contractors and provide comprehensive service for maximum fire protection. Our team helps with installation and inspection of the installed fire system for maximum function. We provide best in class fire equipment for installation.

At Ray Force, we use innovative engineering technique for installation and use of reliable fire system. Our team is trained and certified for designing and installation of wide range of fire safety tools and equipment. The services are extended to all types of properties – both commercial and residential.

Design and Integration of Secured Fire Safety System

As one of the experienced and highly skilled fire fighting contractors in Dubai, our team helps in design as well as integration of the best in class fire safety system. The equipment are all in sync with International Standards and provide first line of defense against fire outbreak.

As fire fighting contractors, we understand that the safety requirement and equipment installation is different for every client. We plan and design a comprehensive and scalable system for reducing the fire. We thoroughly inspect and understand the client requirement and provide tailored fire safety service.

One to All Fire Safety Service for All Buildings

When it comes to firefighting contractors, our team helps with advanced and innovative design of the equipment, installation, and periodic maintenance. Once our team installs the equipment, we guide and demonstrate the use of the equipment during emergency purpose.

  • Our team first analyze and inspect the building to customize the design and plan the installation. The existing facilities and on-site evaluation helps in better understanding of type of fire safety required.
  • As contractors, we help with the complete layout and design of the system according to the building. There are versatile range of fire security system installed.
  • The fire fighting contractors in Sharjah helps complete repair, servicing, and maintenance of the fire safety system. The fire alarm system and detection system are tested for the efficiency of the service with help of trained technicians.

Optimum Performance of Fire Safety System with help of Trained Technicians

At Ray Force, each of the technician is high trained to inspect and repair the equipment when required. The contractors helps in installation of different equipment like automatic sprinkler system, fire alarm system, hydrant system fire extinguisher etc. Once the installation is done, mock drill and guidance is provided to help people understand the operation and use.