The threat of fire accidents in high-rise buildings can take a violent turn. The occupants of multi-storied buildings must pay special attention to their safety. In smaller buildings, it is easy to manage things and handle an emergency situation. The egress time, the distance to be covered and evacuation strategies are different in the skyscrapers. Most fire departments find it very difficult to handle emergency situations in tall skyscrapers. Fire safety should be given importance. You should utilize the service of the best fire fighting companies in Dubai like Ray force Safety Services. Emergency situations are hard to tackle in high-rise buildings as multiple challenges are involved.

The following arrangement should be made to avoid fire disasters:

The building management must place fire extinguishers at easy-to-reach places with proper glow signs. Precautionary arrangements must be made in advance to prevent disasters.

All the inmates of the building must be trained about using the equipment such as fire extinguishers. All the instructions should be written clearly so that fire suppression systems can be used effectively. The escape routes should be clearly marked on each floor.

There should be availability of first aid kits. It should be confirmed that fire alarms and emergency lighting facilities are functioning flawlessly. If required, necessary upgrades and replacement work should be carried out. The fire safety systems and automatic sprinklers must be tested periodically.

Most of the fire disasters are triggered by events such as short circuits. People who reside or work in multi-storied buildings must check that there are no loose, worn-out wires. Make sure that fire exit paths are never blocked

The buildings must be constructed from fire-resistant materials. The trend of using fire resistant doors and windows is also attaining popularity.

Discussing the fire safety plan with the occupants

Such people who live or work in the multi-storied building should be thoroughly familiar with the evacuation plan. Everyone should be familiar with what is to be done in a state of emergency. The occupants must participate in mock fire drills and through practice, it becomes easy to prevent major fire disasters. You can also consult experts of fire fighting companies in UAE to learn more tips. If there are sufficient fire protection systems, serious disasters can be averted. Generally, fire fighting services promptly arrive at the scene, but we should take possible steps to put out the flames.

You must evacuate the building as soon as possible. Always use stairs and avoid elevators while evacuating the building. Those who are unable to exit the building due to any reason must stay close to the window for some fresh air. Install the latest fire suppression systems if you are looking for promising and comprehensive solutions. Consult with DCD certified experts and get access to smart solutions.