Hospitals and healthcare centers are often flocked with patients and visitors. The risk of fire accidents is always present in a crowded place. Most fire accidents are triggered due to negligence. Ensuring the safety of patients, visitors, employees and the medical team is a big challenge for the hospital management. With the help of competent fire fighting contractors in Dubai, the level of risk can be diminished. Fire alarms and smoke detectors should be installed in sensitive areas to warn everyone. The latest fire suppression systems are automatic, affordable and very reliable.

Reducing the level of damage

Early detection of a fire accident gives sufficient time to people to respond. When the fire is detected at an early stage, it becomes easy to save the lives of people. Moreover, you can reduce the level of damage. Invite the fire fighting contractors and other experts to conduct a visual inspection. If the fire suppression systems have become obsolete, take necessary actions to avoid any major disaster.

Drawing a plan of action

In hospitals, sick and weak patients are present who cannot evacuate the premises in an emergency. So, there must be special arrangements to suppress the threat of fire. With the help of experts, you can explore various options. Fire extinguishers must be installed in the premises of hospitals so that they can be easily used in case of an emergency. If the arrangements are made beforehand, then there will only be negligible loss. The hospital management should also involve experts of the best fire fighting companies in Dubai like Ray Force Safety Services. In a multi-storied hospital, there should be additional arrangements.

 Check the condition of fire fighting equipment

The alert and conscious hospital management staff periodically inspects the condition of fire fighting equipment. Alarm systems,fire protection pumps, extinguishers, etc. Experts must confirm that everything is in a perfect working condition. The hospital staff should take necessary steps from their side to reduce any chances of fire accidents. The areas that are vulnerable to fire disasters must be identified. The stock of oxygen cylinders must be properly guarded. The threat of short circuits must be checked as heavy diagnostic machines are present.

 Mock drills for the hospital staff

The hospital staff must know what should be done in case of any fire emergency. Untrained staff are unaware of how to react during any emergency. So, it must be made mandatory for hospital staff to participate in mock drills. It is good to learn the fire safety training procedures so that valuable lives can be saved by averting the disaster. Consult the experts of fire fighting companies in UAE, and they will suggest more valuable tips.