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Sep 15, 2020 | 0 comments

After the official implementation of UAE Fire and Safety Code of Practice in September 2018, legal protection from any sort of minor or major Fire based incident or Accident, has been introduced for the safety of all individual of Dubai. This in turn has increased the demand of Fire Safety equipment many a times.
It has been recognized Globally that during the last couple of decades, the growth in the Construction and architectural infrastructure of Dubai has been phenomenal. Due to the strict Regulations in Dubai, there has been a reasonable growth in the acquisition of Fire safety and FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT which in turn has created a considerable impact on the forecast for the future demand of said equipment.

According to various statistical researches, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) pertaining to UAE Fire and safety based equipment market is expected to be 10.1 % until 2023. Before the spread of Covid 19 Pandemic in Dubai, multiple mega infrastructure projects in the middle eastern region and specially in Dubai were under fast paced development and many other were in line, including Dubai plan 2021. Despite of the fact that the COVID 19 has created devastating effects on the business market at a global level, Dubai in particular has recovered at a fast pace and now this market is expected to generate more than $400 Billion only in Dubai.
It is no news that all the major multi-nationals have their key business hubs in Dubai. Like many others, the Fire Safety equipment industry has not lagged behind as well. Some of the key and world renowned Manufacturers available in UAE Fire Safety System and equipment market include National Fire Fighting Manufacturing FZCO (NAFFCO), Johnson Control (Tyco), Carrier Group UTC, Emirates Fire´Čüghting Equipment Factory LLC (FireX), Saudi Factory for Fire Equipment Co (SFFECO), Honeywell International Inc., Nitin Fire Protection Industries Ltd., UTC Climate, Controls & Security, Viking Group, Inc.Amerex Corporation, Bosch Security Systems
There are a lot of fire safety equipment available which may be used for different purposes. Some of them are mentioned hereunder:

  • Fire Fighting Systems and Equipment
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher
  • Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher
  • Foam Fire Extinguisher
  • Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher
  • Water Fire Extinguisher

Fire Suppression System

  • FM 200 Fire Suppression System
  • Carbon Dioxide Suppression System
  • Wet Chemical Suppression System
  • Dry Chemical Suppression System

Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Wet Pipe Sprinkler System
  • Dry Pipe Sprinkler System
  • Deluge Sprinkler System
  • Pre-Action Sprinkler System

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

  • Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Gas Detectors
  • Flame Detectors
  • Beam Detectors
  • (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA)

Emergency & Exit Lighting


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