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Important Fire Safety Tips to Consider after Purchasing New Property

Jul 6, 2021 | 0 comments

It is the responsibility of the owner to improve the level of safety in their commercial and residential property. If you have recently purchased a property, it is very important to install fire protection equipment. You should not neglect this important concern. Every year, many innocent people lose their lives in fire accidents that occur in homes and offices. With the help of fire protection companies in Sharjah, you can prevent serious accidents.

❖ Installing a smoke alarm – The fire smoke is purposely installed to detect the presence of smoke. The smoke sensors can be installed at all key areas. If you have recently purchased a new home, consider installing smoke alarms in common areas. Do not install smoke sensors near kitchen appliances so as to avoid false alarms during cooking. Make sure the voice of the alarm is audible inside the home.

❖ Use kitchen appliances with care – Most of the fire accidents occur in the kitchen. So, it is important to take necessary steps and take extra precaution. Take special care while cooking. Use microwaves ovens and other appliances with care. Never play with fire. Make sure inflammable objects, clothes, curtains, oil, wooden furniture are not present near the flames.

❖ Check the electrical wiring of the property – Issues such as short-circuit, overload, fault in wiring can also trigger fire accidents. Consult fire safety experts to learn more about safety tips. Learn about the availability of the latest fire fighting equipment in Sharjah. The property owners must check the switches, wiring, lighting arrangements, circuit breakers, fuze, insulation, sockets. If the wiring, equipment and other electronic devices are outdated, consider replacing them.

❖ Check the escape plan – If your home or office is located in a multi-storied building, just check what the fire escape plan is. If there is a fire accident, consider evacuating the property within two minutes. Do not lock the doors of escape routes. Consider installing fire-resistant doors and windows. Thoroughly inspect the condition of your new property. Take necessary action if you are sensing some risk. Consult fire fighting companies in Dubai like Ray Force Safety Services. Fix the issues as soon as they are noticed to ensure fire protection.

❖ Purchase modern fire safety products – Improve the level of safety in your dream property by purchasing new advanced fire alarms, fire extinguishers. Do comprehensive research about the latest fire safety equipment, if possible. Test them on a periodic interval and also take care of the maintenance. Uncontrolled fire can destroy valuable properties within minutes. So, it is important to take fire safety measures. Fire disasters can be averted if your property is suitably equipped. Take help from the leading fire fighting contractors in Dubai for the best tips.

Installing the latest fire fighting equipment in the premises of the property has become a necessity. Consult fire fighting contractors so that they can install the latest fire fighting systems within your budget. Technical aspects must be considered. The size and age of the building should be considered. After purchasing a new property, consult experts to ensure complete safety of your loved ones.


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