Most people plan an outing with friends and family members. They prefer indulging in activities such as shopping, consuming delicious meals in restaurants and having fun. So, you can see that there is a heavy rush in shopping complexes, malls and prestigious stores on weekends. Sometimes unfortunate incidents also take place because fire is a major threat for human life and property. In the last few years, the cases of fire accidents have gone up, claiming many lives. Retail stores, shopping malls are very congested on special occasions and it is necessary to make special arrangements to avoid fire disasters.

There are numerous malls and high-profile stores in the UAE. Many shopping complexes and malls have stores, shops, food courts and restaurants inside them. It is important for the management to pay special attention towards fire safety. The noted fire fighting companies in UAE like the Ray Force Safety Services. In crowded places, necessary preventive measures must be taken because often children, ladies and senior citizens are present. Fire disasters are life threatening situations, so special arrangements must be made to avoid any disaster.

Checking the fire control and suppression systems

The management of malls, complexes must check whether or not it is possible to use fire suppression systems. If necessary, the old and obsolete systems must be updated. By switching to the latest fire suppression systems, it is possible to reduce the level of fire damage.

Pay special attention towards emergency evacuation

In most shopping complexes we see emergency exits. They are constructed to evacuate people in case the entrance points of the malls and shopping complexes are blocked. It should be ensured that emergency and exit lights are functioning properly. There should be proper installation of DCD approved exit door lights and emergency lights. The management can also consult fire fighting contractors in Dubai for further details.

The presence of fire safety equipment

There are different types of equipment that can be installed in shopping complexes. Fire extinguishers must be installed. Additionally, the gas suppression systems, automatic fire sprinkler systems should be installed for mitigating the threat of fire. More people are present in shopping malls than other commercial and residential properties. So, investing money on installing the latest fire suppression systems is always justified. Consult experts of fire fighting companies in Dubai to secure malls and shopping complexes.

Regular fire safety maintenance is necessary

It is necessary to comply with all rules of the Dubai Fire and Safety Authority as well as Dubai Civil Defense. Hence, the management must pay attention towards fire safety maintenance. Fire safety alarms, appliances notifying about emergencies must be checked on a regular interval. Fire disasters can be avoided through regular maintenance. So, consult professional experts to get the best advice.