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Clear Signs that your Fire Protection System Must be Replaced

Jun 11, 2021 | 0 comments

Every fire protection system and equipment has a definite service lifespan. Once the design life of the system or the equipment is over, either you have to go for upgrades or replacement. Fire is considered a major threat for life and property. The safety of life and property should be given a priority. The latest fire protection systems are capable of giving early warning signs. Many systems become obsolete with time. Also, the performance and natural capacity of equipment deteriorates due to the lack of care and maintenance. Consult experts of fire fighting companies in UAE like the Ray Force Safety Services. Ask the technicians to go for a visual inspection.  The signs that it is the time to repair or upgrade your system are as follows:


  • The component has crossed the expiry date – Most fire fighting equipment and fire extinguishers have an expiry date. Even if the expiry date is not mentioned, you must replace the cylinder after a periodic interval. Only then the best performance can be ensured. Do not neglect this important aspect or else the safety of people will get jeopardized. Take the necessary steps or else your safety will get compromised. In case of an emergency, the fire protection systems do not work normally, if proper care is not taken. If signs of leakage and corrosion are visible in sprinklers, ask technical experts about what should be done.


  • Frequent repair is needed – Every fire protection and alarm system should be maintained on a periodic basis, however, it is an alarming situation that your system is demanding frequent repairs. This is a clear indication that there is some serious problem with the system. Just try to figure out what the true problem is. Consult experts of fire fighting companies in Dubai and consider replacing such equipment that are not performing as per expectation.


  • Enhancement in the size of the company – If your company is expanding, the turnover, the strength of your business is increasing, then you must consider upgrading the equipment. Many commercial organizations shift into new and big buildings. It is the need of the time to embrace such changes because operations cannot be carried out in a small building. All the key areas and even the corners of the building must be secured. All the employees or residents of the building must be protected from the threat of fire. It is good switching to the most efficient and dependable fire fighting systems. Companies that employ a large number of people must follow all fire code and security protocol. The protocols that are usually followed in some emergency situation can change if the number of people working in your organization has increased. Make necessary adjustments as per the requirement and tackle the emergency situation with ease.


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