Some industrial premises, warehouses, manufacturing units, oil and gas facilities are constantly exposed to the threat of serious fire disasters. Small flames convert to giant inferno when they come in contact with flammable elements like gas, oil, wood, chemicals, fuel, etc. In some selected premises, the workers and employees are constantly exposed to the threat. Even a minor spark is sufficient to trigger a major incident. So, it is important to install the latest fire suppression systems in the premises.

It is important to identify what types of dangers are present. Conscious, alert and smart management make arrangements in advance to prevent disasters. Consult with fire fighting contractors in Dubai like Ray Force Safety Services. There are many premises in which the threat of fire disasters is very serious. The presence of flammable liquids and combustible material makes the situation serious. The management must install smart fire alarm systems. The condition of electrical gadgets, wiring and other equipment should be checked thoroughly.

Install the fire extinguishers of the correct size

Constantly monitoring the stock of combustible materials is very necessary. There should be the presence of the latest fire extinguishers in the premises so that the authorities can immediately start the fire suppression operation. Consult with the experts of fire fighting companies in Dubai to collect technical information about advanced fire extinguishers. Some small fire extinguishers are meant to be used in residential premises. The fire extinguisher should not be so massive that an average person is unable to lift and use the same. Install the correct size extinguisher so that flames can be suppressed easily. Do everything from your side to put out the flames.

Generally, the 10-pound fire extinguisher is ideal for workshops, facilities, industrial premises and factories. Where hazardous elements are present on the spot, extra care should be taken. The 5-pound extinguisher is sufficient for residential areas and workplaces. The staff members and employees should be taught properly how to handle and use the fire extinguisher.

Go for the certified installation

The best fire fighting companies in UAE accomplish their projects in a serious manner. They hire trained, certified and competent staff. First of all, it is necessary to secure the lives of employees and assets. If necessary, you can request the contractors to install tailored solutions as per the unique needs of the premises. Fire flames can convert everything to ashes in a time span of a few minutes. There should be appropriate arrangements so that everyone present in the premises can successfully escape. The latest fire alarm systems and automatic fire sprinkler can also reduce the level of fire. Advanced equipment and detection systems have superior capacity to avert devastating fire disasters. The management of oil and gas facilities must make special arrangements to avert major fire disasters.